Process Analyzers for the Water Market

ROEMS’s high-performance product platform sets new standards for quality, ease of use, and reliability.

The MONITOR series designed for the water markets provides a compact innovative product customizable to fit several applications enabling detection capabilities both colorimetrically and using Ion Selective Electrode technologies.

The 10C series with colorimetric detection capabilities provides superior accuracy for process online analysis using your laboratory method or standard ASTM methods. Applications include Phosphate, Molybdate, Silica, and others…

Key Features

  • Heated reaction cellblock assembly to maintain full temperature control over chemical reaction and stable optical measurement system.
  • Preloaded analysis methods and the ability to customize operation and optimize performance with minimum chemistry background.
  • Reduced reagent consumption.
  • Programmable frequency of analysis and automatic scheduled calibration.
  • Large LCD graphical display with clear readability under different light conditions
  • Data logging and trending: Statistics for up to 31 days, previous 7 days, or previous 24 hours are logged and can be viewed in graphical format.
  • Auto blank feature to eliminate interference from sample background color fluctuations.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements to maximize uptime.
  • Cost-effective, continuous-stream measurement of several discrete parameters for water treatment and environmental monitoring.
  • Multi-language, available in Chinese
  • Meets CE, UL, CSA, and TUV regulatory standards

The product platform offers state-of-the-art electronics and detection technologies in an economical and advantaged series of monitors.

Download M10 Product Brochure Here

Cooling towers are used by office buildings and manufacturing plants throughout the world to dissipate waste heat from air conditioning, industrial, and power generation processes.

Download M10 PHOSPHATE (PO4) in Cooling water Brochure Here

To generate power, a steam electric power plant needs to supply and maintain high purity steam to its turbines that power the electric generators.

Download M10 SILICA (SiO2) in Power Markets Here

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